Scott & Kayla -Oct. 2018 - Mother Hen & officiant

Scott & kayla.jpg

“Thank you so, so much for everything. We truly could not have it without you (never mind come out with our sanity mostly intact). Our wedding was exactly what we’d hoped it would be, thanks to you.”

Caitlin & Jesse - Oct. 2018 - Day-of Honeybadger & officiant

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I honestly don't think words can ever describe how amazing Beca/Maven Macaw Events is. She went above and beyond for every single thing at my wedding. We've had friends coming up to us since the wedding to tell us how much they loved her, how much they hope to use her if they get married, and how she was one of the best parts of the day. She wrote the most beautiful vows, ones which brought tears to our eyes and made us as happy as possible. I am so impressed and I feel so absolutely confident that our day would not have been the same without her. - Caitlin

Beca was both totally sweet and a total boss! She worked really hard to make sure that we were happy on our wedding day. I can't recommend her highly enough, especially if you need someone who will cater to non-traditional needs. -Jesse

Jo & Chase - Oct. 2017 - Busy Beaver & officiant


Hands down the best decision we made for our wedding and sanity.  Beca was always either a text or email away for anything, no matter how early or late in the day it was. We met a handful of times to see where we were with our planning, but the rest could easily be handled over email and text (which I prefer for communication).

She was so resourceful and able to handle problems on the fly— luckily we didn’t have too many, but when Keytar Bear was denied entry on the commuter rail by the MBTA, she had him in a car on the way to our ceremony and he was there in time.  Obnoxious relatives? She can handle that too! There were so many things that we didn’t know about or how to prepare for them so it was a relief to have everything sorted out on our wedding day so that we could actually enjoy the day.  

She also wrote a hilariously bad ass ceremony that was perfect for us.  Overall it was one of the best and funnest nights we could have dreamed of having and it would have never happened without Beca’s experienced help and organization. 


Anne & Chris - May 2014

Beca assisted me on my wedding day and I'm SO glad I had her there. I had a very small bridal party (of one) so having that extra pair of hands was magical. From cinching my corset just right and finding my seven-month-old's pacifier, to texting the caterer and telling people not to park on the lawn, Beca was exactly where I needed her to be before I had to ask. She is a wedding day wizard. 

Photo by Susie Moreno

Aline & Gregg - March 2013

Best wedding planner you will ever meet. Very knowledgeable on the subject and gets things done in a caring, attentive, and super professional way. She will go beyond her call of duty to make your dreams come true. She will find out exactly what you want on your wedding day and will make sure those important things do happen without a problem. She was there for me when I got married and she made sure I ate, drank, that my makeup and hair were always on point and she pulled me out for pictures when needed. I had a perfect night because of her. Book her up and you won't be disappointed! She was born for this.

Tony & Ren, October 2010

Beca was an amazing help at my wedding and she handled all the details with grace and efficiency. She saved the day when the person who was supposed to handle the sound system for the reception flaked out on us. She also excelled at relative wrangling, coordinating the buffet, making sure the decorations were set, and a million other little things that I know we would've forgotten. She even brought us coffee and munchkins to help us get up in the morning! I would absolutely recommend her to anyone in need of a wedding coordinator. Also, she's very queer and trans friendly which was huge for us.