Hands down the best decision we made for our wedding and sanity.  Beca was always either a text or email away for anything, no matter how early or late in the day it was. We met a handful of times to see where we were with our planning, but the rest could easily be handled over email and text (which I prefer for communication).

She was so resourceful and able to handle problems on the fly— luckily we didn’t have too many, but when Keytar Bear was denied entry on the commuter rail by the MBTA, she had him in a car on the way to our ceremony and he was there in time.  Obnoxious relatives? She can handle that too! There were so many things that we didn’t know about or how to prepare for them so it was a relief to have everything sorted out on our wedding day so that we could actually enjoy the day.  

She also wrote a hilariously bad ass ceremony that was perfect for us.  Overall it was one of the best and funnest nights we could have dreamed of having and it would have never happened without Beca’s experienced help and organization.