What We Offer

  • Brainstorming

  • Planning

  • Budgeting

  • Organizational tools and techniques

  • Liaising between the couple and other involved family members

  • Vendor sourcing & liaising, including Maven Macaw exclusive discounts

  • Location scouting

  • Stationary design

  • Officiating - Yes! Beca is a Dudeist Priest in good standing. She can be the one who makes you legal!

  • Day-of timeline creation and management

  • Day-of coordinating

  • Full use of the Nothing is F***ed emergency kit

  • Constant communication throughout the process



From soup to nuts, the Maven Macaw will plan it all! We'll meet up, talk about-- or figure out-- your vision and your priorities, and Beca will take the reins. With constant communications via email, text, phone, skype, or smoke signal, Beca will do all the work of scouting and selecting vendors. She'll keep track of the guest list, budget, and add delightful details for you and your guests to enjoy. Don't worry about anything besides showing up and looking good. Starts at $3,500.


All you need is an older sister who got married last year to hold your hand and help out with the tough stuff. You got her: Beca will meet with you and help you get started with organizational tools and insider know-how. Beca can do the heavy lifting, or you can take the helm, but we'll be Team Awesome together, with regular check-ins to share progress and ideas. Starts at $1,800.


There before anyone and through every event, this package offers comprehensive day-of management up to 16 hours, a must for an event of any size. We'll meet four to six weeks ahead of your event to get all the details and create a day-of timeline, master contact list, and organize other Things of Note. Beca will make sure the flowers are delivered on time, the rings are in the correct pocket, your hair is in place, and the crucial song plays at the right time. Starts at $750.


Not a full day-of coordinator, but you and your beloved's personal Body Man. Beca's concern is YOU: are you fed? Hydrated? Do you have a headache? Do you need bobby pins, duct tape, deodorant, or to be kept far, far away from Uncle Dave? Perfect support role for someone who has the party well in hand, but who could use someone to make sure the couple has time, energy and mental resources enough to actually enjoy themselves. Starts at $500.

Officiant services

Just there to say some gorgeous words and get you legal! Includes a customized ceremony script, and submitted ahead of time for your approval (or not! Some people like surprises, and we’re here for that): $150, rehearsal not included (but negotiable, schedule pending).